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Form meets Function

WatchOut Steel mesh straps holds an unabashedly modern allure. Its woven metal links nod to both contemporary and industrial design and are renowned for their strength. The mesh strap is flexible, supple and sensuous – a potent combination of masculine and feminine that creates inherent tension and intrigue.

From a functional standpoint, it is very versatile and easily adjustable, as opposed to your other normal metal strap option in links, plus it is much lighter and thinner

Easy to adjust the length to fit your wrist

To adjust your 22mm mesh band, place your tool (we recommend a flathead screwdriver) into the hole on the clasp. Tilt the tool down, away from the clasp, so that it lifts the clasp in the middle. Move the buckle along the band until it is positioned to comfortably fit your wrist. There are small indentations in the band to mark the available positions, which you must use to tighten the buckle again. Once adjusted, use your tool to apply pressure straight down on the clasp to close it in position. 


Material:Stainless steel 
Buckle:Stainless steel Flip lock clasp
Thickness:Mesh ~1.5mm 
Weight :  20~30 g
Color: Black; Gold; Silver; Rose Gold



WatchOut Metal Strap

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