Digital watch for kids is not just an accessory, it's a necessity in today's time and brand like WatchOut Wearables is constantly working to provide the most efficient and smart digital watch for kids

Though some parents believe that "investing in a kids digital watch" isn't required. However, there are several benefits of a digital watch which your kid can take advantage of. With the help of a digital watch, your child will uniquely understand time by looking at their smartphone. There are other unheard benefits of kids digital watch. Keep scrolling to know more.

Unheard benefits of kids digital watch

  1. You can stay connected with your kid

One of the biggest reasons to gift your child a digital watch is that you can stay in touch through calls, text messages and other notifications. Moreover, the GPS tracking feature helps you in tracking the location. So, if you have a child who thinks of himself as an Albert Einstein, you know what to do!

 GPS tracking watch

  1. Your child becomes more independent

Kids digital watch make your child self-sufficient. With the help of a smartwatch, your kid can access information and perform tasks independently. For instance, they can get well-versed with the directions, call, or text you and even set alarms or reminders for completing important tasks. 

  1. Keeps your kid safe and sound:

The enhanced features of kids digital watch include emergency call buttons and GPS tracking. Knowing that your child can quickly locate you in an emergency provides you peace of mind. 

  1. Fun and Entertainment:

Kids digital watch are also fun to use. Kids can enjoy music, play games and even take pictures as well as create videos.

Kids digital watch

  1. Experience high-definition video calls: 

Digital watch for kids supports high-definition video calls. Moreover, parents can swiftly make video calls at any time. Also, these are safe and visible, therefore, parents are more at ease. 

Why Watchout Wearables?

If you are new to the kids digital watch world and looking for the ideal watch for your kid, trust no other than WatchOut Wearables

A technology-driven company that believes that high-end technology along with elegant looks can provide a new dimension to your gadgets is what makes WatchOut unique. Delivering unique products at reasonable prices to fulfil our vision of "Technology In Every Hand" is what we aim for.

WatchOut is an advanced consumer wearables innovation firm that was founded in 2018 and is dedicated to offering the greatest technologies. Furthermore, the company has taken wearables to modern robotics, gesture recognition, IoT, and artificial intelligence to a completely new level.

Features of WatchOut Kids Digital Watch

This smartwatch comes with various features such as: 

Two-Way Voice & Video Call with ease

  • The Watch Out Next-Gen smartwatch can make voice or video conversations via cellular networks exactly like a regular phone.
  • Regardless of the time and place, parents and kids can initiate video calls.
  • Live audio can also be heard without the kids realizing it.

Time for some Bluetooth music!

  • A 10-hour playback duration MP3 player and built-in loudspeaker are included with WatchOut Next-Gen, making it ideal for listening to music or audiobooks. Enjoy having 500 songs of music at your fingertips!
  • Able to pair with any Bluetooth audio equipment, such as speakers and earbuds.

Capture memories with 2 Megapixel Camera

  • The 2-megapixel camera on the WatchOut Next-Gen Kids Smartwatch may be used for video calls and taking selfies.
  • The front camera feature allows kids to click photos and share them with their parents. 
  • Your kid gets the freedom to unleash their wildest creativity by capturing their favourite moments. Snap amazing pictures, Kiddos!

Comes with removal detect

  • A cutting-edge anti-theft sensor is included in the WatchOut Next-Gen Kids Smartwatch's back panel.
  • When the child's smartwatch is removed, an alarm and notification are sent to the parents.
  • Parents can relax knowing that their child has been properly safeguarded thanks to these features.